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About What is my Browser

‘What is my Browser’ tool at "Pool of Tools"?

‘What is my Browser’ is a simple yet efficient tool available at "Pool of Tools". This tool is very user-friendly that allows you to know the useful Browser details as it fetches the information regarding the browser. In this way, you remain pretty much aware of the system you are working on.

What is the use of this tool?

It shows you everything about your Browser. Knowing more about your browser other than just its name is very imperative especially when you are building a new website and you want to know how it appears on different Browsers. To make use of this tool more efficiently, you can even install different Browsers and then use this tool in order to know its working.

How to use this tool?

You can become aware of important details of your browser by simply visiting "Pool of Tools" and then ‘What is my Browser’ tool. With a much do, the result is displayed immediately on the basis of the careful analysis. By its impeccable and efficient working, this tool saves your time.