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About Website Links Count Checker

What is Website Links Count Checker?

Use this tool for fast and easy checking of links on your web pages. This free online tool is what you need if you want to count how many outgoing links are there on a given page. In order to ensure the quality of the website, the owners and webmasters must regularly check the external links on their web pages.

Website Links Count Checker at "Pool of Tools"

Our tool can help you track the internal and external links besides the backlinks on your web pages. Moreover, we can say that this tool is an encapsulated form of both link extractor and counter tool and is highly beneficial for the Search Engine Optimization.

How to use this tool?

This Website Links Count Checker tool is very easy to use. You only need to enter the URL in the text field and then click on the “Check” button. Our system uses a unique algorithm that processes your request and generates the result instantly. The result shows you the following information:

  • Total links
  • Internal links
  • External links