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About Redirect Checker

WWW Redirect Checker at "Pool of Tools"

As you know that a Redirect Checker is a URL tracker that allows users to track the complete path of where a redirected URL goes and it is a very handy tool. You need to know that redirection is a procedure in which one URL is forwarded to a different URL. You can know this whole scenario by using this tool.

Why WWW Redirect Checker?

A Redirect checker can be used to track down where a particular affiliated link goes and which affiliated network is involved for this redirection. URL redirect tracker assists the users to check their own redirects. We are the supreme free SEO tools provider.

How WWW Redirect Checker tool is used?

It is very easy to use this tool. As you need not do anything except for providing the domain URL in the text box and click on the button “Check”. The results will be shown to you immediately with the details of URL as well as the Redirected URL.