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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker at "Pool of Tools"

We help you in securing your website from potential threats like Virus and Phishing. Phishing involves financial fraud and stealing consumer data. That is why we developed a special tool which is called “Google Malware Checker” to help you detect malware on every website that you visit including your own website.

Google Malware Checker- Working

The working of this tool is simple It scans websites and provides users with web security reports. The malware report provides you with a list of all affected pages. This way the user of this online malware scanner can better understand the scanned report according to each scanned file.Therefore, the user can save his/her system from Malware.

Importance of this tool

If you want to secure your website or system from the hackers then it is very important to check the websites before opening them using a malware scanner because these hackers can steal your personal information. They can also hack the other important data that are stored on your website.