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About Find DNS Records

What is DNS?

DNS is the largest digital database on the internet. It stands for ‘Domain Name System’. This database contains information about all the websites in the world. Every website and every machine that is connected to the internet has got an IP address. Our Find DNS Records tool helps to find out the records you are looking for.

What is DNS Records?

When a web Server sends a request to visit a particular website, the request is sent to the DNS database. This database looks up its records, finds the website's IP address and forwards it to the requesting Browser. That is why our Find DNS Records tool will be of great help to you.

How to find the DNS Records?

Just type the domain name of the website whose DNS records you want to fetch. After that, you have to press the ‘Submit’ button and in seconds it will return the DNS records of the domain. In this way, you can examine the records and find out the IP address. Try our offered tool. Find DNS Records at "Pool of Tools"!!