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About Domain Authority Checker

What is the Domain Authority?

Domain Authority or DA is a measurement of reputation of a particular website. It is a statistical number from 0-100 which was developed by "Pool of Tools" in order to determine how does a domain rank a particular website in the result list of Google and other Search Engine. Try our offered tool Domain Authority Checker.

Increasing the Domain Authority

If you are a website owner then you must have an idea about how important it is to have a good Domain Authority score. If you want to increase the Domain Authority score then you must try our tool, Domain Authority Checker, at least once.

How to use it?

Domain Authority Checker is very easy to use and you must provide the URL of the website to inspect its authority. Then wait and let the tool do its work. Within the fraction of seconds, you will get the results that will not just tell you the Domain Authority but also the Authority of the Page. "Pool of Tools" is the prominent free SEO tools provider.