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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker at "Pool of Tools"

Domain Age Checker is a tool which tells you all about the particular domain such as on which date it is being created, the age, the IP address, etc. It displays whether the domain is new or old as the old the domain gets, the more it fetches traffic.

Importance of Domain Age Checker

It is important to know the age of the domain. Do you know the reason behind why aged domains perform better in displaying the Search Engines ranking? The answer is that they have got some quality backlinks. Search engines examine backlinks of a website and if the links are with sites that have a good authority and dominance, they are ranked better.

How does it work?

Now there are many ways by which you can check the age of the domain before you make a bid to purchase it. Enter the name of the domain that you want to check and then click on the button “Check”. We provide top-class free SEO tools to our clients.

This handy tool will tell you the following:

  • Creation date
  • Age
  • Domain updation date
  • Domain expiration date
  • IP Address
  • Server names