Class C IP Checker

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About Class C IP Checker

What is Class C IP?

Class A and B are assigned to very large and medium-sized organizations. Class C is the most popular class of addresses assigned to small companies and is the most used IP address. Small and medium-sized internet service providers purchase a pool of class C IP addresses which they assign to their customers.

Class C IP Checker tool at "Pool of Tools"

If you have just purchased a hosting service for your website, you will be inquisitive to know which other websites are sharing the same class C IP address. Because it’s most likely that your website has been assigned this class of IP address and that the address is shared with other websites. Use our Class C IP Checker tool.

How to use this tool?

You can use a bulk IP checker from "Pool of Tools". Just go to "Pool of Tools" site from your search browser and scroll to the ‘Class C IP Checker’ icon and click on it. There is a limitation for the display page. You can enter at least two and maximum twenty domain names.